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The Faith of a Centurion

This novel will place you in the middle of a famous Bible story about a Roman centurion's faith. When Jesus healed the centurion's servant, it became one of the most interesting miracles as told by Matthew and Luke in their Gospels. Readers will:


• meet many historic religious characters, including Caesar, Mark Antony, Cleopatra, Octavian, Herod, and Rabbis Hillel and Shammai.

• learn how it was to live in the 1st century during the time of Jesus.

• learn about the blessings of faith.


Today, the words of the centurion are often used in prayers throughout the churches of the world, and the story of the centurion's faith is perhaps more important now than ever. We live in a world filled with harsh realities and little faith. This novel will give you hope.

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Clean Forgotten Patriots

In this novel, you will step into the turning point for the American War of Independence. You will learn the genuine story of how victory was won through the trials that took place at Valley Forge, the forgotten heroes, and the groundswell of faith.


- Learn why and how Native American nations chose to support the colonists. Meet historical Oneida characters, including Chief John Shenandoah, Jacob Reed, John Onondiyo, Polly Cooper, Daniel, and Thomas Shenandoah.


- Meet well-known patriots, including George Washington, Baron Von Steuben, Alexander Hamilton, Marquis de Lafayette, Joseph Martin, and Mary McCauley - aka "Molly Pitcher".


- Understand the valuable contributions African Americans made to the war. You will meet the historical character Cato Bannister, an African American slave who chose to fight for American freedom, although he himself had none.


- Discover the blessings of faith.


Our nation's true history is rich and decorated, humbling and tragic; but it teaches us to hold on to virtues that are not often found on today's street corners, in today's protests, or even inside government hallways.

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Angels and Miracles on the Battlefield Cover 5.jpg
Angels and Miracles on the Battlefield

In this historical fiction novel, you will travel the battlefields of World War I. But this book is more than a war story; it shares a perspective that is widely believed by many, that there is supernatural intervention in times of war, Heaven at work in Earth’s darkest hour. 

• Great masses of youth were conscripted to serve their nations and provide the blood. You will witness their trials and suffering and walk with them as they try to make sense of the reality of war versus their expectations.

• You will visit the war from the American perspective with Private Myles Archambault, a naive youth with patriotic fervor.

• You will visit the war from the German perspective with Company Commander Franz Fischer, a loyal Jew fighting for his fatherland.

• You will determine for yourself whether miracles do indeed occur on the battlefield. 

President Woodrow Wilson, to inspire America to enter the war, declared it would be “the war to end all wars.” The dream for a safe and peaceful world has not yet come to pass, but we must never give up on this quest.

Rise of the Reprobi Cover 6 Final.jpg
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Rise of the Reprobi

This novel is a not-so-classic tale about good vs. evil. It opens with Lucifer pondering his expulsion from heaven while sitting on his throne in hell. As a barrier between hell and earth suddenly vanishes — the Reprobi (fallen angels) — descend upon humankind in another attempt to overthrow the “sons of Adam.” The locale is Valley Forge as General Washington arrives with his army, the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

In this richly imagined novel, you will meet…

  •  Quintessential American Revolution characters, including George Washington, Baron Von Steuben, Alexander Hamilton, Marquis de Lafayette, General and Pastor Peter Muhlenberg, Cato Bannister, Mary McCauley—aka “Molly Pitcher”—and Nathaniel Chapman (the father of Johnny Appleseed).

  • Fascinating historical Native American Oneida characters, including Polly Cooper, Good Peter, Han Yerry, Chief John Shenandoah, and his sons Daniel and Thomas.

  • And the Reprobi, fallen angels who play a role in the invasion. They will not be what you expect. Rexus, Lucifer’s second in command. Lucivia, in charge of reconnaissance. Mikmash, a slippery scout. 

This story will appeal to history buffs and fantasy fiction fans alike. More importantly, readers will come away with a better understanding of the line between good and evil and with a greater appreciation of that which is true power.

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