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Clean Forgotten Patriots

Dive into the turning point of the American Revolution.

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In this novel, you will step into the turning point for the American War of Independence. You will learn the genuine story of how victory was won through the trials that took place at Valley Forge, the forgotten heroes, and the groundswell of faith.

  •  Learn why and how Native American nations chose to support the colonists. Meet historical Oneida characters, including Chief John Shenandoah, Jacob Reed, John Onondiyo, Polly Cooper, Daniel, and Thomas Shenandoah.

  • Meet well-known patriots, including George Washington, Baron Von Steuben, Alexander Hamilton, Marquis de Lafayette, Joseph Martin, and Mary McCauley - aka “Molly Pitcher” 

  • Understand the valuable contributions African Americans made to the war. You will meet the historical character Cato Bannister, an African American slave who chose to fight for American freedom, although he himself had none.

  • Discover the blessings of faith.

Our nation’s true history is rich and decorated, humbling and tragic; but it teaches us to hold on to virtues that are not often found on today’s street corners, in today’s protests, or even inside government hallways.

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