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Dathan Belanger,  is obsessed with history, and the true stories behind historical events. Writing a historical fiction novel was always on his bucket list, a way to help echo the mistakes and triumphs of those who have come before us. He is president and founder of a non-profit, New England Pet Assist Therapy. He is available for memoir writing. He lives in New England with his family and a lovable sidekick, a Pug named Saddie. 

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his Books

The Faith of a Centurion

Clean Forgotten Patriots

In the American War of Independence

Angels and Miracles on the Battlefield

Rise of the Reprobi

Currently Under Creation

No Title Yet

A Vietnam historical fiction novel is in the works. You will understand the Vietnam War from both the Vietnamese and American perspectives.

Book 2 : The First Revolution Series

Book 3 : The First Revolution Series

My Books

First Revolution Series

A Breath of Fresh Air

   Clean Forgotten Patriots: In the American War of Independence is a breath of fresh air for all those troubled by modern American culture’s propensity to forget and/or disparage the history of our nation. While looking unblinkingly at the foibles and flaws in our nation’s past, Belanger tells parts of the story you likely have never heard:

  Bet you didn't know...


There's a great deal to learn from The Faith of a Centurion: the types of weapons, the organization of Roman armies, the politics of the Caesarian era, the slave/master/servant relationships... all tucked into this entertaining, can't put it down, historical novel. The pacing of the story is spot-on, moving through army boredom to the fights and on to the thoughts of retiring soldiers. I recommend this book to a wide range of readers, from young adults, to those looking for an escape by the fireplace or the beach, to those looking for an introduction to early Roman life.

Very Historically 



The Faith of a Centurion makes you think of what it was like to serve in the army at that time. I learned lessons that I can apply to my own life. I had a hard time putting the book down. It is rich in history. It had me captivated from cover to cover. I have already started reading his second book and just ordered his third. Mr. Belanger is a great novelist.

Extremely Well Written


There aren't too many books that can bring you to the actual time when Jesus was on earth. Always interesting to me. This book is Historically correct, well researched and written with a passion for story telling

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Leave your legacy

Do you want to tell your story in your voice with your words?

Dathan's legacy team can help you.


Written stories can echo an eternity. They can represent yourself exactly as you'd like to be remembered. They will be a cherished and beloved addition to your family for generations. They aren't in every case simple to tell. In the event that you are looking for a professional writer then there is likely a more profound, hidden explanation you feel constrained to share your story. We will treat your story with care and generosity. Let us oversee your venture from origination to pen and paper then distribution.

​Contact us to schedule a confidential phone consultation to discuss your project. 


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